As a department, we are committed to supporting the wellness of our residents. 

Three photos showing neurology cuimc residents life

Process Groups

The residents meet every other month with a moderator from outside the neurology department to discuss issues related to residency. 

Noon Conference Series

The noon conference sessions are led by Linda Golding, from the pastoral care office, Dr. Sara Nash, from the Psychiatry department, and Emerita Verdejo, LMSW, to discuss broad topics such as resilience, mediation, and mindfulness techniques. There is also a yearly lecture on sleep deprivation and burnout. 

“Neuro Family” Groups

Each resident will be part of a team composed of a PGY1, PGY2, 3, and 4 resident all paired with a faculty member. Faculty members will serve as resources to discuss challenges in both work and life and will meet with the residents several times per year.  

Wellness Days

Once every six weeks, each resident has a “wellness” half day during his/her clinic block. During that half day, a 15-30 minute support session will be schedule with a “Wellness Champion.” The Wellness Champions are Linda Golding, Emerita Verdejo, LSW, LMSW, Drs. Sara Nash, Michelle Bell, Inna Kleyman, and Elizabeth Matthews. 

Resident Retreats

Each class has a retreat one day a year during which time they are excused from their work duties for the day. They will have coverage from the other residents and will be able to spend the day doing a fun activity. This allows for a day of team-building and decompression away from the hospital.  

Additionally, Emerita Verdejo,  LSW, LMSW, Administrative Director of Education is the Co-Chair of the NYP-GME Wellbeing Committee.