Community and Global Health Residency Experiences


Our Community and Global Neurology Program provides our residents with the opportunity to learn and incorporate principles of community health as they care for patients in Washington Heights and abroad. Our local community, Washington Heights, is the most ethnically diverse in New York, home to the largest population of individuals from the Dominican Republic outside of the country. Community health topics including health literacy and patient-centered care are incorporated into the residency noon conference curriculum. Senior residents have the opportunity to do clinical electives internationally in the Dominican Republic, Malawi, South Africa, and India. These rotations not only expose residents to unique clinical cases including tropical neurology and hone their diagnostic skills, but also foster personal and professional growth through exchange of knowledge and complement on-campus experiences.

Residents work closely with our faculty who reflect the diversity of our surrounding community and are dedicated to improving the care of patients that come to our Institute from the surrounding areas. Residents have the opportunity to work on research projects studying neurological conditions including stroke (NOMAS) and dementia (WHICAP) in our diverse Northern Manhattan population, as well as study the burden of neurological conditions in the global context.  

Recent Global Electives


  • Laura Donovan, Class of 2016
  • Alex Reynolds, Class of 2016

Dominican Republic

  • Kathryn Rimmer, Class of 2019
  • Rachel Mehendale, Class of 2018
  • Alexis Dallara, Class of 2014

South Africa

  • Elizabeth Chernyak, Class of 2020
  • Judy Ch’ang, Class of 2016


  • Priyanka Shekhawat, Class of 2019

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