Genetic Testing and Epilepsy Study


Our newest study focuses on an area of increasing interest in genetics: clinical genetic testing. You may have noticed that clinical genetic testing has been a popular topic in the news lately. Genetic testing for disease risk is commonly offered to people with a family history of conditions like breast cancer and Huntington's disease.

Genetic tests for particular types of epilepsy have also begun to be available in clinical settings. Little is known about whether individuals in families with epilepsy are interested in genetic testing, what they think about testing, or what impact genetic testing will have on them and their families. In fact, very little research has been done on the experiences of families with epilepsy in general.

In our new study, we want to learn from you what it is like to have epilepsy in your family, and what you think about genetic testing for epilepsy.

  • Does having epilepsy, or having epilepsy in your family, affect your quality of life, how people view you, how you feel about yourself and your loved ones?
  • If there were a genetic test for the type of epilepsy in your family, would you want to get it?
  • Do you think a genetic test for epilepsy would be helpful or harmful?

Interested Participants

Your help today is extremely important — the knowledge gained from this study could impact future practices, thinking, and regulations around epilepsy and genetics. Society and healthcare providers need to know what YOU think and how YOU feel about living with epilepsy and about genetic testing.

We value your thoughts and opinions greatly and hope you will consider helping us with this important research!

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