Music and Movement Disorders

Our Mission:

Music and movement have a fundamental interdependence known throughout human history. Our mission is to harness, develop and investigate this intersection to improve quality of life for individuals with movement disorders.

Our goals are:

  1. To improve the clinical care of individuals with movement disorders using music-based interventions
  2. To improve the clinical care of performing artists affected by movement disorders

Our programs:

Music as medicine: Individuals with movement disorders may notice improvement in their symptoms when listening to music. This benefit is increasingly supported by clinical research. In partnership with world-class performing artists, we provide interactive musical programming for our patients as part of our commitment to individualized, multidisciplinary care.

Musicians as patients: Performing artists require an especially high degree of motor control in performance. We provide specialized, multidisciplinary care for performing artists affected by movement disorders, including musician’s dystonia, seeking to optimize symptom control.

Patient-centered research: We are committed to advancing the clinical care of patients with movement disorders. We conduct collaborative, translational research to advance understanding of movement disorders, including musician’s dystonia, and to improve treatments.


Dr. Kim is a movement disorders neurologist who conducts translational research in dystonia. She completed her medical education, Neurology residency and fellowship training in Movement Disorders at Columbia University Medical Center. Her premedical background is in violin performance. She completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the Eastman School of Music and continues to perform professionally. She believes that optimizing the therapeutic benefits of music in movement disorders and the management of movement disorders affecting musicians will yield improved understanding of pathophysiology and treatment of these conditions.


We proudly partner with some of the world-class performing arts organizations of New York City in providing interactive, live patient performances, including a variety of musical genres.

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