Patient & Family Support Services and Resources

As a Parkinson's Foundation Center of Excellence, we excel at helping PD patients and their family members navigate community resources that may assist in improving their quality of life. We provide a free, quarterly "Living Well with Parkinson's" newsletter to keep patients up to date with our latest research and clinical developments, and to make them aware of helpful community events and resources.

Our patient advocacy partner, the Parkinson's Foundation, also provides our center with a wide array of educational materials for distribution to our patients. A variety of regularly scheduled support groups (patient and care partner), lectures, and events are also available for patients and their care partners. These events can be found on the Movement Disorders Calendar (please check back soon).

Social Services

Patients who visit our center may also benefit from the social services offered by our licensed clinical social worker, who is available to meet with patients and families after appointments or at a separate time to provide support, referrals, and guidance on the following:

  • Navigating health care systems
  • Home health services
  • Questions regarding disability
  • Referral for legal services
  • Connection to community resources
  • Late stage planning including understanding advanced directives and guidance in placement process
  • Supportive counseling


The Parkinson’s Foundation is launching PD Health @Home, a series of virtual community engagement events beginning Monday, April 6th, 2020. Visit the PF website for a full list of events. Participants can register for events of interest and put them on their calendar.

The American Parkinson’s Disease Association also provides listings of an array of educational materials, support groups, and exercise programs for people with Parkinson’s. This also includes virtual resources! Each state has its own APDA information and hotline coordinator who can help navigate their resources.

For more information on virtual exercise groups, please visit our PD Exercise Videos and Resources Page