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Columbia University’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) is one of only 30 such centers in the nation, as recognized and supported by the National Institute of Health. The primary goals and objectives of the Columbia ADRC are as follows:

  1. To recruit and enroll participants in new Alzheimer’s disease (AD)-related studies;
  2. To maintain and expand an AD patient database, providing a vital tool in researching the disease;
  3. To serve as an educational resource to the AD community by providing information about the disease, services, and resources;
  4. To create and promote opportunities for patients, family members, and volunteers to participate in drug trials, support groups, clinical research projects, and other AD-related activities.

The Columbia ADRC seeks to provide our community with a better understanding of AD, as well as to raise the profile of our Center–both to provide services to those who need our assistance and medical expertise, and to increase participation in the studies that may ultimately lead to more effective treatments for AD.

Your gift will allow us to maintain and enhance these efforts, and will help bring support to not only those diagnosed with AD, but also to those who love and care for them.

We welcome financial support from our donors through the Taub Institute.

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