Visiting Resident and Fellow Electives

All post-graduate house staff in a Residency or Fellowship Program whom wish to observe in the Department of Neurology and will not be involved in patient care must facilitate the required procedures:

  1. You must identify a faculty mentor willing to supervise you during your observership.
  2. Obtain and remit a letter from the NYPH Clinical Service Chief requesting that you may perform the observership at NYPH under his/her supervision, the letter must include the name of the program director responsible for supervising you during your stay as well as the dates of the observership.
  3. Obtain and remit a letter from your home institution (sponsoring institution) confirming that they will be responsible for the cost of your salary, fringe and malpractice insurance during your observership at NYPH. The letter must also include your current appointment status at your home institution and the dates of your observership.
  4. A letter from your sponsoring institutions department of Occupational Health Services confirming you are medically cleared to perform the observership.
  5. Complete the NYPH Observership Application.
  6. Remit a signed copy of the Confidentiality Agreement.
  7. Pay the administrative processing fee of $1000 in the form of certified check to Columbia University Medical Center - Neurology. 

An in-rotation (In-rotators) should be filed when a resident/fellow is requesting an elective within the department of neurology and will be responsible for providing clinical care to patients and require an evaluation. Please note the following:

  1. In-Rotations require program affiliation agreements and are contingent upon department and GMEC approval.
  2. The resident/fellow requesting an elective must follow steps 1 through 4 listed under observership process. Once approval is granted you will be instructed on how to proceed with the necessary appointment paperwork. Please note: The requested in-elective is contingent upon the final approval of the appointment application.
  3. Elective requests must be submitted no less than 120 days prior to the requested rotation.

Standing Rotations are when another residency/fellowship programs wishes to send their residents or fellows to NYPH to fulfill educational training requirements not available to them at their home institutions.

  1. Standing Rotations require affiliation agreements; the Department of Neurology will not allow residents from the same program to rotate within the Department of Neurology on a consecutive basis without an approved agreement in place.
  2. The program director for the home institution is responsible for submitting a request to the appropriate program director at NYPH for remission to the education division.
  3. Standing rotations must be remitted 120 days in advance of the requested rotations and require the Chairman and hospital approvals. 

Medical Student Elective Requests

Medical Student elective requests and observerships are not handled with the Department of Neurology. All requests must be submitted to the Dean's Office, please visit Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons website for instructions.

Note: Submission of a request is contingent upon the Chairman and required university approvals subsequent to the sponsoring faculty member or program director request.


Visitor fees are to be paid by the individual, his/her home institution or a non-Columbia account. A certified check made payable to Columbia University Irving Medical Center – Neurology, should be mailed with this sheet and the applicable application(s).