Genetics of Complex Traits

Research Overview

At the Center for Statistical Genetics, we study a wide range of Complex traits that include adiposity [e.g., body mass index (BMI), waist-to-hip ratio (WHR)] age-related hearing impairment, Alzheimer’s disease (AD), asthma, blood pressure, lipids, tinnitus, amongst others. Analysis of complex disease includes analysis of data obtained from biobanks, e.g., UK Biobank as well as data collected to study a specific disease, e.g., Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project. To understand the genetic etiology of complex traits association testing is performed using sequence data and other omics data that includes methylation and RNAseq data. Analysis not only includes testing to detect main effect associations but also interactions e.g., gene x gene and gene x environment. We are also examining pleiotropy amongst a variety of traits for example asthma, adiposity and blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease and age-related hearing impairment