Sabrina Simoes, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Neurological Sciences (in Neurology and in the Taub Institute) at CUMC
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Dr. Sabrina Simoes is a cellular neurobiologist who has spent her career studying endosomal trafficking in normal and pathological conditions. Research in her lab focus on understanding the mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), with special emphasis on endo-lysosomal dysfunction. Dr. Simoes received her PhD in cell biology from the Institute Curie and University Paris Descartes (Paris, France). During her undergraduate and graduate training in the laboratory of Dr. Graca Raposo - a world leader in the exosome/endosome field—she developed a strong interest in intracellular trafficking. Her early studies focused on how ubiquitous endosomal machineries are explored by prion proteins for their sorting into exosomes and concomitant spread in vitro, as well as for the maturation of endosomal compartments. In 2011, she joined Columbia University laboratory of Dr. Scott Small, where she continued to pursue her studies on endosomal trafficking in the context of neurodegeneration. Having recently been promoted to Assistant Professor of Neurological Sciences, in Neurology and the Taub Institute, Dr. Simoes’ research aims at identifying and developing new biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. Her translational approach combines in vitro (cultured neurons and other cell lines), in vivo (transgenic mice) model systems, as well as human biospecimens (plasma and cerebral spinal fluid) from healthy controls and patients. In her mouse-to-human studies, Dr. Simoes employs a wide range of techniques including light and electron microscopies, as well as state of the art biomarker platforms such as “Single Molecule Array” (Simoa), Mesoscale (MSD) Multi-Array, and nanoparticles tracking systems.

Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor of Neurological Sciences (in Neurology and in the Taub Institute) at CUMC


  • Female

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Education & Training

  • MS, 2007 Cell Biology, Curie Institute (France)
  • PhD, 2011 Cell Biology, Curie Institute (France)