Navigating Disparities, Ethics, and Stigma in the Black Parkinson’s Community

February 27, 2024
Hiral G. Shah, MD

Hiral Shah, MD

In Parkinson's Foundation Black History Month special podcast, Dr. Reversa Joseph, Neurologist, MDS at the Columbus Ohio VA, and Dr. Hiral G. Shah, Neurologist, MDS at Columbia University Medical Center, discuss current and historical disparities in research and treatment among the Black and African American PD community. They emphasize the importance of raising awareness about PD in this community, as well as in the medical space, to better understand the diverse lived experiences of the Black PD community. They also address the need to create more PD resources that reflect the voices of the community at hand. [listen to the podcastNote: conversation with Dr. Shah starts at 10:00

Source: Parkinson's Foundation