In Memoriam: Eli S. Goldensohn, MD

Eli S. Goldensohn, MD

We regret to announce that Dr. Eli S. Goldensohn, Professor Emeritus of Neurology, died on March 22nd at age 98. Dr. Goldensohn joined the faculty of Columbia in 1967, having moved from the University of Pennsylvania with his old friend and colleague, Dr. G. Milton Shy, when Shy was named chair of the department. Dr. Goldensohn was director of the EEG Laboratory and head of the Epilepsy Program at the Neurological Institute. He was also a physician-scientist who studied basic physiological mechanisms of epilepsy in the laboratory, and was a pioneer in the development of video-EEG monitoring. Dr. Goldensohn emphasized the importance of interpreting EEGs based on physiological mechanisms underlying normal and abnormal EEG phenomena, not just pattern recognition, which was the general approach at the time. An international authority on EEG and epilepsy, Dr. Goldensohn served as president of both the American EEG Society (now the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society) and the American Epilepsy Society. After retiring from Columbia in 1983, he worked part-time for another decade in the EEG laboratory at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is survived by his wife of 75 years, Betty, and their two children.