Celebrating National Social Work Month

March 18, 2024
Columbia Neurology Social Workers

Pictured from left to right: Erika Adelman (SW Manager; Movement Disorders), Emily Borghard (Multiple Sclerosis & Epilepsy), Kristine Johnson (Intern, Aging and Dementia), and Nicole Ross (Neuro-oncology).

In honor of Social Work Appreciation Month, the Department of Neurology would like to recognize our extraordinary Social Work Team: Erika Adelman (SW Manager), Elaine Adorno, Emily Borghard, Tara Charlton, Caitlin McCarthy, Nicole Ross, Debbie Thorne, and Minnelly Vasquez, as well as interns Kristine Johnson, Grace Kavanagh, Arianna Morales, and Nathan Susman! The unwavering dedication, compassion, and support these talented professionals provide to our neurological patients and their families brings much needed hope and healing to so many lives, making them true heroes in healthcare! Most recently, the Social Work Team hosted a Brain Awareness Week table in the Neurological Institute of New York lobby, to provide information and resources to patients across every neurological subspecialty! Thank you, Social Work Team, for all that you do!