The Association of American Physicians Announced its Newest Members

April 18, 2022
Photos of Drs. Catherine Schevon and Olajide Williams

Dr. Catherine Schevon and Dr. Olajide Williams

Congratulations to Dr. Catherine A. Schevon, Associate Professor of Neurology, and Dr. Olajide Williams, Professor of Neurology and Associate Dean of Community Research and Engagement, both of whom were elected to the Association of American Physicians (AAP)!

The Association of American Physicians is an honorary medical society that promotes the advancement of scientific and practical medicine. Election to the AAP is an honor extended only to 70 physicians each year who support the AAP's mission of inspiring "the full breadth of physician-led research across all fields of science related to medicine and health, and to build a community of physician scientists in support of the principle that objective science and evidence are essential foundations for improving patient care and the health of Americans."