PD Exercise Videos and Resources

Exercise Videos and Resources to Keep You Moving

Here are some exercise videos available online, in DVD, or in VHS videotape format, recom- mended by our physical and occupational therapy colleagues. All of these videos are Parkinson's-specific exercise programs. These resources may be useful if there's no PD exercise class in your area, if you are unable to leave home, or if you'd like to add some PD-specific exercises to your program.

Parkinson’s Exercise Essentials

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Cost: Free
Developed by the Davis Phinney Foundation, the Parkinson’s Exercise Essentials video provides a range of workouts designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s and is easily modified for any fitness level. Thirteen men and women of different ages, living with various stages of Parkinson’s disease, demonstrate a range of exercise routines and share their inspiring personal stories with encouragement and first-hand insight into getting started and sticking with it. Follow these activities at home, in a fitness center or out in the community. Exercises were developed by physical therapist expert.

The Daily Dose

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Cost: $29/month or $290/year subscription. 30-day free trial. Please follow this link for free sample workouts.
Online streaming of neurofitness training by a physical therapist with Parkinson’s specific certifications. New videos released weekly, and archived, incorporating PWR! Moves, cog- nitive dual task training, balance training, intensity training, and flexibility. RECOM- MENDED FOR THOSE WITH HIGH LEVEL OF MOBILITY

Dance for PD

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Cost: $23.99-$120.00
Archived exercise classes from Brooklyn and Toronto, Canada to increase coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength through music and movement from a broad range of dance styles. CURRENTLY OFFERING FREE ACCESS TO ONLINE CLASS AND ACITIVTY LIBRARY DURE TO COVID-19. Please follow this link for more information. 

Brian Grant Foundation

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Cost: FREE
Brian Grant Foundation hosts a collection of Parkinson’s exercise videos, as well as an exercise guide and information about the importance of exercise. Their Parkinson’s exercise videos are based on research from the Oregon Health and Science University. As a result, the activities in the videos have been shown to help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

LSVT BIG Homework Helper

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Purchase Information: LSVT Global, 520-867-8838
Cost: $28 for DVD
Based on the LSVT BIG physical therapy program for PD, this limb and body movement program is designed as daily exercise.

Delay the Disease – Exercise and Parkinson's Disease

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Cost: $39.95 for book/DVD set
Includes categories such as wake up call, walking and balance, cardiovascular, strength, facial and vocal, and night-time stretching. Suitable for any disease stage, with many levels of difficulty. Designed by certified trainer and orthopedic surgeon with PD.

Delay the Disease – Functional Fitness for Everyone Living with Parkinson's

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Cost: $39.95 for book/DVD set
Fifteen chapters are organized by activity of daily living, including getting off the floor, getting out of a car, getting out of bed, freezing, moving about in big crowds, and getting dressed.

Yoga for Movement Disorders

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Renee Le Verrier, 2011
Purchase Info: Online for DVD and book
Cost: $12.95 for DVD, $15.95 for book (Also available from Amazon.)

This 2-hour video DVD guides viewers through a series of yoga poses and sequences de- signed specifically for people with Parkinson’s or other movement disorders. It includes warm-up series, morning flow, afternoon flow, evening flow, sun salutation, standing and seated variations of each, and tips concerning balance, posture, tremor. The book includes photos that show how to move in and out of poses in seated and standing positions. The author, Renee Le Verrier, is registered yoga teacher living with PD.

Recommended YouTube Videos:

This resource list was recently updated by Elizabeth Delaney, March 2020. It was initially created by Lori Quinn, Chelsea Macpherson and Elizabeth Delaney, March 2020.