Neurology Houses

For the inner Harry Potter in you :)

Each of our residents gets sorted into a “House” which they remain in for the duration of residency. Residents get points for their house for a range of things - excellent patient care, helping a co-resident, getting their first champagne tap, winning our Friday board review jeopardy, getting our instagram neuro trivia questions correct, even things like completing all their duty hours on time. Each month, the leading house gets a small prize and the winning house at the end of the year gets a large prize. These houses encourage participation, foster camaraderie and lets be honest, they’re just too much fun.


Van Galen

SMART Syndrome


Neurology Guillain Baratheon house coat of arms
Neurology Van Galen house coat of arms
Neurology Smart Syndrome house coat of arms
Neurology MOG house coat of arms

Let the games begin!